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  • DELL S3221QS Review

    DELL S3221QS Review

    The DELL S3221QS is a Curved 32″ UHD Monitor. At a price of around $400, it sounds almost too good to be true and, after trying one, I got two more for my home office. With the curvature they’re perfect for an L-shaped desk and creating a multi-tasking workplace. From the back, they form a…

  • Logitech K811 “Easy-Switch” Review

    Logitech K811 “Easy-Switch” Review

    Often, reviewers writing for tech sites only get access to a product for a couple of days . In this short time, it”s impossible to find out about all the little quirks tech products like this keyboard have. I’ve been using the Easy-Switch for almost a year now and here’s a review that covers all the pros and cons…

  • Logitech UE9000 review

    Here’s a short review of the logitech UE900 bluetooth headphones. Given my  history with every set of bluetooth headphones i could get, I thought, i’d finally found some geat headphones, but as you’ll see, unfortunately, they’re just another disappointment.

  • Nokia BH-905i review

    Nokia BH-905i review

    After trying the Sennheiser MM 550 and returning them, I continued using my good, old Philips SHB-9000 until they fell apart a couple of weeks ago. I tried the Philips SHB-9100 and was close to buying another pair of Philips SHB-9000 until I figured that there must be a pair of Noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones that…

  • Sennheiser MM 550 review

    Sennheiser MM 550 review

    The Sennheiser MM 550 seemed to be the first Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelling that actually fit around my ears so I just had to get them and see what they were like.