Author: Romano McBride

  • Why Apple doesn’t have a password sharing problem

    We’ve all heard about Netflix and Disney+ cracking down on their users sharing account access with friends & family that aren’t in the same household. Why aren’t we hearing about the same for Apple TV+? Apple is in an advantageous position, offering much more than streaming TV shows. Sharing one’s Apple ID Password means not…

  • Yes, I Do Like Motion Smoothing.

    Yes, I Do Like Motion Smoothing.

    Motion smoothing refers to techniques that modern consumer TVs and projectors use to add additional frames in-between the frames. While users going to cinemas are usually exposed to a frame rate of only 24 frames per second, movie fans watching at home often have a choice. Yes, this is about an article published on…

  • Cross-Progression Ruins The Sense Of Achievement Of Console Games.

    So… this is in direct response to this article on “every game should let you cross-save“ I’m sorry, but no, thanks. I believe, cross-saves can be detrimental to the game experience. Let me explain.

  • DELL S3221QS Review

    DELL S3221QS Review

    The DELL S3221QS is a Curved 32″ UHD Monitor. At a price of around $400, it sounds almost too good to be true and, after trying one, I got two more for my home office. With the curvature they’re perfect for an L-shaped desk and creating a multi-tasking workplace. From the back, they form a…

  • The Deepfake Defense

    With deepfakes, it will be difficult to claim that anyone has ever said anything, since any evidence of it might be fake.

  • Thoughts on AI

    Now that we have language models… great! I can just write this post as bullet points and you may simply copy/paste into the AI of your choice and turn it into a text that I’m sure is better than what I could conjure in an hour.

  • Native Display Controls on macOS

    Native Display Controls on macOS

    MacOS supports controlling the brightness of attached displays via they keyboard. The user can even control monitors separately, simply selecting the controlled monitor via the mouse. I use that all the time. Unfortunately, macOS and Mac monitors communicate through an arcane, apple-specific protocol instead of the standard DDC/CI protocol. This means that only some monitors that are…

  • WordPress again…

    I’ve been using PageKit for years, but is unfortunately no longer updated for PHP 8. So here we go again, WordPress!

  • The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Product Lifespans

    The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Product Lifespans

    If the only metric for how long products should be used is how long they’re commonly used, we won’t be able to make longer-lasting products.

  • Bait-And-Switch Loopholes

    Bait-And-Switch Loopholes

    Bait-and-switch refers to the illegal practice of advertising a product or service, tempting customers to invest resources (time or money) based on the advertisement, and then changing the product once the customer has already invested, presumably to squeeze more money out of the transaction. The problem that many products that rely on software to function,…