Why can’t calls on iOS just be muted?

So many zoom calls

Simultaneous speaking

Why no speaker mute?

Tiffany McBride

When in a call on iOS, the speakers cannot be muted. Neither the volume buttons, the “do not disturb” mode, nor the ringer-toggle have an effect. This means that it’s impossible to join a zoom call without having to hear it. Joining a zoom or FaceTime call just for the video is a valid use case. Sometimes I have to join a zoom call and look at the slides while I’m in another zoom call. On desktop, I have the same problem because the zoom app doesn’t have a dedicated volume/mute control for its output and macOS does’t have a built-in function to control the volume of individual apps. It would be great if there would be a way to stop my phone from emitting any kind of sound while I’m in a call, including if that sound might be from another call.


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