A depiction of the cheetah 3d keyboard bindings

Cheetah 3D Keyboard Bindings

Cheetah 3D has a place in my heart as the smoothest 3D package out there. Even though I also use Maya for procedural and scripting stuff and Blender for baking, nothing comes close to how polished and efficient Cheetah3D is.

I would like to share my key bindings with fellow Cheetah3D users since Cheetah3D doesn’t come with a lot of default key bindings. I’ve build this mapping over a few years of using Cheetah3D and with it, working with Cheetah3D can be extremely efficient.

In order to install this, move the plist file to ~/Library/Preferences

Unfortunately, this file contains all preferences (not only key bindings). If you would like to maintain all other settings, open your local file and only copy the MWMKeyboard section over. 

Cheetah 3D Keyboard Reference Page 1


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