Tag: internet culture

  • The Turing Test loop: Extrapolating the reCAPTCHA Development

    For robots to serve us better, they need to be able to tell the difference between humans and other, potentially malicious robots. Every time we prove we’re not a robot through reCAPTCHA, robots get a tiny bit smarter. This means that in the future, the threshold for proving that we’re not robots will go up, which means that we’ll have…

  • Why Paywalls Don’t Work

    I don’t have a problem with paying for quality content and I believe, a large number internet users don’t either. If millions of people used to pay to have their newspapers delivered, why shouldn’t that work in the internet age? Especially in the last few years, with adblocker user base steadily increasing, online newspapers would…

  • The anatomy of a Hitler Reacts video

    I’d like to discuss an internet phenomenon here. It’s quite old now, but the long time it survived makes it even more interesting to analyze.