Crazy Machines: Elements

Crazy Machines: Elements is the first installment in the Crazy Machines series available for XBOX360 and Playstation 3. In renowned Crazy Machines fashion, it includes 100+ crazy contraptions to build from a selection of more or less useful components like candles to electric motors or lightning machines. The aim of each level is to let your work complete a particular task for you, like igniting fireworks or sorting balls of different sizes.


The “elements” theme takes physics to the next level. It’s possible to completely burn down a level made of wooden components, which opens up new gameplay possibilities (like a machines that will set itself on fire, with the player having to optimize it to accomplish the level goal before it burns down).


For me, the most fun part of Crazy machines was being completely creative and building a machine from the ground up. That’s why we introduced the new challenge mode, which, unlike the normal puzzle mode, presents the player with a goal, but no partially-built machine to accomplish it. Players are free to create any machine they like with a  wide selection of parts available. However, In each level, I made sure that the most obvious and useful parts are locked so people have to think around the corner and alienate objects.


Once the goal in challenge mode is completed, the players is scored based on the time it took for the contraption to run (not the time it took to build the level— players can take any time and amount of iterations they want) and the budget used (since all parts cost a certain amount of coins).


I can’t wait to see other players’ solutions to the levels.

Crazy Machines: elements is available this year for XBOX360, PlayStation 3 and Windows-PC.

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