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LineFight released!

Today, I released my latest game: LineFight!

In this Mac game, up to 8 players (on the same Mac!) battle each other by drawing lines! Try to encircle your opponents and avoid crashing into their walls since the feature of a built-in break fell victim to the idea of simplifying controls to maximize accessibility and fun!

You can even customize the game play in many ways, tweaking almost any variable that contributes to the addictive game play. Oh, and the game looks awesome! ūüėÄ

Get it now from the AppStore! 

Pro software for Macs you can’t buy?

A year after the introduction of Lion, Maya doesn’t officially run on Lion (it runs, though if you omit certain features during the installation) as Autodesk doesn’t support it. If you want to use hardware-acceleration, you need an nvidia¬†card. That’s an interesting concept because you can’t buy a mac with an nVidia card nor can you buy a mac with snow leopard, the OS required to run Maya 2012, according to Autodesk. To summarize this: Autodesk makes software for computers you can’t get anywhere (except used). Continue reading Pro software for Macs you can’t buy?

Nokia BH-905i review

After trying the Sennheiser MM 550 and returning them, I continued using my good, old Philips SHB-9000 until they fell apart a couple of weeks ago. I tried the Philips SHB-9100 and was close to buying another pair of Philips SHB-9000 until I figured that there must be a pair of Noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones that satisfies my needs.

The Philips SHB-9000 were quite OK, but they didn’t cancel the outside noise and since they were neither covering the whole ears nor particularly soft, my ears hurt after a while.

After searching for a bit, I found the Nokia BH-905i that support A2DP as well as AVRCP and thus are compatible with any mobile phone – not only Nokia devices.

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Orbalus Released

I released Orbalus, my first iOS game in the AppStore yesterday.

Based on the Unity engine, the basic gameplay is as simple as it can get, being wrapped in graphics as good-looking as they can currently get for a game like this on a phone. The aim of the game is to collect different kinds of Orbs. These Orbs can not be controlled directly, but only by manipulating other orbs in their proximity.

Get it from the AppStore now for your iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4.3 or above ūüôā

Crazy Machines for Wii!

The Wii version of Crazy Machines has Multiplayer functionality unique to the platform. Up to four players can co-operatively solve classic rube-goldberg style puzzles or play competitively in a selection of mini-games.

The game has an easy-to-use editor that functions much like the puzzle game itself, but adds a variety of logic pieces that allow players to create their own challenges and mini games.

This goes as far as to allow players to re-create and extend the mini-games that ship with the game or create their very own competitive or co-operative games to share  using the wii network or play locally on the same machine with up to four players.

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