Pro software for Macs you can’t buy?

A year after the introduction of Lion, Maya doesn’t officially run on Lion (it runs, though if you omit certain features during the installation) as Autodesk doesn’t support it. If you want to use hardware-acceleration, you need an nvidia card. That’s an interesting concept because you can’t buy a mac with an nVidia card nor can you buy a mac with snow leopard, the OS required to run Maya 2012, according to Autodesk. To summarize this: Autodesk makes software for computers you can’t get anywhere (except used). Of course, you can buy a mac pro, get a snow leopard disc on eBay and an nVidia Quadro card (that might cost more than the mac itself). Still, that’s not what i’d call customer-friendly.

While running on lion, a similar problem occurs with Adobe’s creative suite. They support hardware-acceleration through nVidia’s CUDA instead of the openCL standard. Sort of futile, given that there’s no mac that supports CUDA.

It seems like the developers of pro software are abandoning the Mac. The System integration of Autodesk’s and Adobe’s mac software is vestigial and they can’t keep up with current developments in mac OS. Apple recently started a beta program for Mountain lion and Adobe still doesn’t support many features introduced in lion. (Full-screen, versions…). You can’t even resize a photoshop window by dragging anywhere but the lower right corner.

Solution? Apple should make and market their own equivalents to Autodesk’s and Adobes major applications. Just like they did with Final Cut Pro. They didn’t invent it up but made it a well integrated standard software for the mac that made users love their macs instead of hating them for limitations originated from third party software companies that disregard the mac as a great platform for professional media creation.

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