The new Audi TT Virtual Cockpit

The new Audi TT, introduced at the 2014 Geneva Auto show features an all-digital instrument cluster.

The TT is sporty and driver oriented. It’s the first car to include all infotainment UI functionality into the instrument cluster, skipping the ubiquitous central screen.

The System runs on two nvidia Tegra 3-Processors. One handles the graphics of the instrument cluster components, the other is part of the head unit, handling media, navigation and online connectivity. The Instrument cluster displays the images from both devices simultaneously at a resolution of 1440×540.

While the Graphics Design is clean and simple, everything is rendered in a  real-time 3D-engine, enabling parallel animations and subtle visual effects.

It’s possible to switch between a classic view with big gauges and a view with focus on the space between the gauges, showing a big navigation map, media information and, with the optional Audi Connect, even Facebook updates and online traffic information.

Buyers of the TTS can choose to display a third view with a large, central rev-counter.

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