selling social, evolving games

Many video games are designed to evolve over time. The development process isn’t finished once the game is released but is to be continued as long as there’s demand. Most games designed that way are subscription-based online games. The demand can easily be foreseen by looking at the number of active subscriptions and the development of additional content and updates is funded by the subscription fees.

Until about 5 years ago, additional content for anything but MMORPGs was usually delivered by releasing a sequel to the first game, based on the same engine or by releasing an expansion pack. Continue reading selling social, evolving games

The anatomy of a Hitler Reacts Video

I’d like to discuss an internet phenomenon here. It’s quite old now, but the long time it survived makes it even more interesting to analyze.

The term “Hitler Reacts” refers to the subtitled videos of a particular scene form the movie “Downfall” on YouTube and other Video sites. The subtitles do not translate the spoken words, but rather fake a totally different meaning, assuming that the audience doesn’t speak german. In fact, since I actually speak german, It’s quite hard not to get distracted by the spoken words and focus on the subtitles. Continue reading The anatomy of a Hitler Reacts Video

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