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The new Audi A8

Introducing Audi’s new touchscreen-focused infotainment concept, the new Audi A8 is also the world’s first car with level 3 self-driving functionality, allowing drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel in heavy traffic on the freeway.

The new Audi Q2

The Award-Winning Virtual Cockpit and next-generation MMI Infotainment System will be available in the all-new Audi Q2 Compact-SUV arriving fall 2016.

Connecting the car’s built-in features like driver assistance and navigation, a myriad of online services (via the built-in SIM card) and the user’s smartphone, it’s easy to use, functional and good-looking.

Audi Q2 Virtual Cockpit and MMI
Audi Q2 Virtual Cockpit and MMI

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LineFight released!

Today, I released my latest game: LineFight!

In this Mac game, up to 8 players (on the same Mac!) battle each other by drawing lines! Try to encircle your opponents and avoid crashing into their walls since the feature of a built-in break fell victim to the idea of simplifying controls to maximize accessibility and fun!

You can even customize the game play in many ways, tweaking almost any variable that contributes to the addictive game play. Oh, and the game looks awesome! 😀

Get it now from the AppStore! 

Orbalus Released

I released Orbalus, my first iOS game in the AppStore yesterday.

Based on the Unity engine, the basic gameplay is as simple as it can get, being wrapped in graphics as good-looking as they can currently get for a game like this on a phone. The aim of the game is to collect different kinds of Orbs. These Orbs can not be controlled directly, but only by manipulating other orbs in their proximity.

Get it from the AppStore now for your iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4.3 or above 🙂