plain text passwords…

Ok, It happened again. I registered at some website and they've sent me the password in plain text. Yes, this post was really written in 2015.

A Stack of reminders containing annoying internet related tasks

micro maintenance

The fact that something will "only take a couple of seconds"  is no excuse for disrupting the user experience and when considering to ask users for a favor, developers should not only think about what it means for their users, but what it would mean if similar products employed the same functionality.


A Chess Animation Generator for Autodesk Maya

This script for Autodesk Maya 2011 will read the notation of a chess game  and convert it to an animation.

You can simply get the notation of  a chess game (for example, from the OS X chess game app), do some search&replace, put the string in like 53 (hardcoded because i''m lazy :P) and run the script in the provided sample scene.

Feel free to replace the pieces with anything you like, but I provided a set of 3D chess pieces with the sample scene.

Download Chess Animation Generator for Autodesk Maya 2011

Why I print stuff

Let me, even as a justification to my inner geek, explain to you why I print things from the internet for myself.

Selling social, evolving games

Many video games are designed to evolve over time. The development process isn't finished once the game is released but is to be continued as long as there's demand. Most games designed that way are subscription-based online games. The demand can easily be foreseen by looking at the number of active subscriptions and the development of additional content and updates is funded by the subscription fees.

Until about 5 years ago, additional content for anything but MMORPGs was usually delivered by releasing a sequel to the first game, based on the same engine or by releasing an expansion pack.

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