"The First Rule of User Experience:

Being able to explain why doesn't change the fact that it sucks."


My name is Ari Romano McBride.

I'm a user experience engineer and creative technologist based in Cupertino, California. I make awesome things happen, across industries and technologies. To me, improving our daily lives is not focused on a certain field or type of technology. We cannot sacrifice our freedoms and qualities aspect of our lives for a small improvement in another. However, my core focus is making things look smooth and pretty and giving people great experiences.

I'm currently working on automotive user interfaces at BYTON and serve as a member of the board of FTCN.

I value your privacy rights and do not integrate with tracking services or services that pretend to be "like" buttons or captchas but are still tracking you. This means that I don't know that you visited my site, where you're from, or what statistical probability you have to sign up for a credit with a 27% interest rate. I only have anonymized data for generic website traffic. For the same reason, I do not integrate my twitter feed into my site, but you can find it here. I do welcome you to get in touch with me, however. You can contact me using contact@somian.net

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