My name is Ari Romano McBride.

I'm a computer graphics pipeline guru, user experience engineer and creative technologist based in Santa Clara, California. I make cool things happen happen across industries and technologies.

I'm currently working on automotive user interfaces at BYTON and serve as a member of the board of FTCN.

I value your privacy rights and do not integrate with tracking services or services that pretend to be "like" buttons or captchas but are still tracking you. This means that I don't know that you visited my site, where you're from, or what statistical probability you have to sign up for a credit with a 27% interest rate. I only have anonymized data for generic website traffic. For the same reason, I do not integrate my twitter feed into my site, but you can find it here. I do welcome you to get in touch with me, however. You can contact me using contact@somian.net

All content on this site (including text and images) are copyright by Ari Romano McBride unless stated otherwise. I cannot take responsibility for the content and correctness of external sites that I link to.

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