Why the first VR format war is already decided

There were Head-tracking VR-Devices before. But now, the time seems to be right for a breakthrough. While I’ll watch the race between the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony Playstation VR closely, I’ll already declare a winner: Playstation VR.

It may sound absurd, given the theoretical technical advantage of its competitors. Not only the higher display resolution but larger computing power of desktop machines compared to the Playstation 4 should make the Rift and Vive superior choices. But, like previous format wars have shown, consumers don’t necessarily make the technologically best choice. This doesn’t mean they necessarily make the worse choice either. But here’s the reason, why the Playstation VR will be the best choice for consumers.

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How technological “fashion” expectations phase out research on user interfaces

Advances in user interface development enable the inception of whole new categories of products. It’s tempting to apply these  smart innovations to other products, without an inherent need to do so from the user experience perspective.

As products become more short-lived, not only in terms of durability but also in terms of technological novelty, it’s easier to place a product on the market that incorporates the latest “fashion” trends, instead of a product that is, at its core, based on thorough user experience research and development.

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Homebrew malware for everyone with Xcode 7?

Looks like, with Xcode 7, Apple introduced the possibility to develop and test apps for everyone. If you don’t need your App to be in the App Store, no Apple Developer Program will be required to deploy your own Apps to your own iOS Devices from Xcode.

I don’t believe, this will lead to App “piracy”, as some other blogs have suggested. To deploy Apps to your own devices, you’ll need the source code, first of all. (Although I could imagine some sort of .ipa loader app becoming popular, but that’s another story).

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Logitech K811 “Easy-Switch” Review

Often, reviewers writing for tech sites only get access to a product for a couple of days . In this short time, it’s impossible to find out about all the little quirks tech products like this keyboard have. I’ve been using the Easy-Switch for almost a year now and here’s a review that covers all the pros and cons about the Logitech EasySwitch in (almost) everyday usage and reveals very hacky implementation of just about any OS-Specific functionality that, at a first glance, works, but at the second glance, is simply awkward.

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